Comparisons between walls and border fences: What about Bulgaria?

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Which walls do we know? Yes, the Chinese Wall. The wall Humpty Dumpty was sitting on. We know “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. We know the Berlin Wall. And, yes, the one which has been talked about a lot in the past 18 months.

During his election campaign, the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, repeated one thing over and over: How he was going to build a “beautiful” wall and how Mexico was going to pay for it. Since, former Mexican President Vicente Fox has used the F-word in an interview with Fox News, in order to effectively bring his country’s message across, according to which it will not pay for the wall. Today’s President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, cancelled a visit to the White House, just three days ago, pretty much for the same reason.

People across the world are joking about walls, by saying Pink Floyd will pay for it. Anyone who has Mexican friends (or a Mexican girlfriend) would tell them they would have to pay for it, personally.

As funny as that might be, walls and border fences are generally not funny at all, especially when they are compared to the Berlin Wall. This is what the Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, just did. In a statement handed out to the press on Friday, it said Berlin could “not just stand by without comment when a country plans to erect a wall”. Müller did not mean Humpty Dumpty’s wall. “We, the Berliners, know best how much sorrow was caused by barbed wire and a wall, which cemented the separation of an entire continent.”

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