What’s On: Concerts in Bulgaria from January to July 2017

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February 28, 8pm: ARA MALIKIAN, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

The Spanish-Lebanese-Armenian viola master started playing that instrument at age 12. Shortly after, he started winning prizes for his performances. He was actually drowned in those. He has performed in more than 40 countries, has played as the star soloist for even more orchestras around the world and, oh yes, he is coming to Sofia.

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March 17, 8pm: CECA, Arena Armeec, Sofia

Svetlana “Ceca” Raznatovic is the most famous “turbo folk” singer on the Balkan peninsula. Her style pretty much matches the Bulgarian Chalga genre. They booked the big hall for her, How much silicone will fit into Arena Armeec? A lot of it.

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March 19, 8pm: VIVALDIANNO, Arena Armeec, Sofia

This unconventional show will introduce Antonio Vivaldi’s compositions to audiences in a new and exciting way. Some of the most brilliant classical music ever will be combined with visual 3D effects and a stunning light show. Among the musicians, who will be on stage, are Tina Guo, Jaroslav Svecheni, Michael Dovrak and many others.

Note: This concert was originally set for December 9 2016. Tickets purchased will be valid for the March 19 2017 show. Or they can be returned until January 15 2017. For tickets purchased with credit cards, restrictions apply.

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March 22, 8pm: THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

The original Glenn Miller Orchestra was founded in 1938 and active until 1942. Its founder, the composer arranger and trombone hero Glenn Miller was the most successful recording artist during the Swing era. In 1944, he wanted to entertain American troops in france. On the way there, his place crashed and Miller died at age 40. Only one original member of his Orchstra is alive today: Trumpet player Ray Anthony is 94 years old. The Glenn Miller Orchestra touring today is a group formed in honour of the original and of Glenn Miller himself.

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March 24, 8pm: MARIZA, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

Mariza has been performing in Sofia before. Every time the halls were bursting and the audiences were stunned. She started off as a Gospel, Soul and Jazz singer, until her father suggested she should try Fado, in order to be respected more in Portugal. It worked. When Amalia Rodrigues, the most famous Fado interpreter died in 1999, Mariza was asked to record am in her honour, which sold a lot of copies. Today, she is one of the most popular Fado singers on the planet.

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April 8, 8pm: TITANIC LIVE, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

It’s time to hit the iceberg right here, in Sofia. Titanic Live is a sensational screening of the 1997 movie by James Cameron, while the score will be played and sung live, by a huge 100-piece orchestra and a 30-piece boy’s choir. This one will for sure be unforgettable.

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April 26, 8pm: GIANNA NANNINI, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

The former piano, composition and philosophy student Gianna Nannini, who became one of the most popular Italian singers in the 1970-s, scored her first hit in 1979. It was entitled “America”, and part of her album “California”. After touring the world for several decades, she announced that she was pregnant at age 54, six years ago. Her daughter was born in Milan, after Gianna Nannini appeared on the cover a Vanity Fair, showing her baby belly. She released countless albums, the first one in 1976. At age 60, she is not even thinking of quitting..

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April 29, 8pm: “HITS ONLY – DISCO DIVAS” CC Catch, Sandra and Samantha Fox, Arena Armeec, Sofia

Three disco acts, CC Catch, Sandra and Samantha Fox, are teaming up for this event, which will feature all of their dancefloor hits. According to the promoters, it will be “the biggest and craziest show Bulgaria has ever seen.” CC Catch stands for Carolina Catherine Muller, who released her first hit single “I Can Lose my Heart Tonight” in 1985. Sandra, who will be on stage as well, is one of the most successful disco stars ever. Her biggest hit: “Maria Magdalena”. The former erotic model Samantha Fox, who later evolved into a disco queen too, will raise the roof as well.

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May 11, 12, 13 and 14, 8pm: CATS, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia

It started with a poem collection for kids, by T.S. Eliot, entitled “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”, which was released in 1939, during terrible times in Europe. Three decades later, a chap named Andrew Lloyd Webber turned those into a musical. In London, Cats was performed 9000 times, in New York City 7500 times. In Sofia, this musical of all musicals, with the original cast, will be shown a total of four times. In order to match London, we are just 8996 times short.

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May 14, 8pm: DEEP PURPLE, Arena Armeec, Sofia

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May 16, 8pm: EUROPE, Arena Armeec, Sofia

As early as in 1979, a band called Force was founded in Sweden. Its member were influenced by Deep Purple, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, and other legendary acts. The band was later renamed. From that moment onward, it would hit stages all over the world as Europe. “The Final Countdown” is definitely one of their greatest hits, right behind “Carrie”. Recently, this group from Sweden became very popular in the U.S. again, since they were featured in a T.V. ad for the insurance company Geico.

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June 7, 8pm: Ballet Nacional de España, NDK, hall no. 1, Sofia
June 10, 8pm: Ballet Nacional de España, Bulstrad Arena, Rousse
June 15, 8pm: Ballet Nacional de España, Palace of Culture and Sport, Varna

The famous Ballet Nacional de España will be performing in Bulgaria a total of three times, in Sofia, Rousse and Varna. Nothing less than sensational events should be expected here.

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July 3, 8pm: PLACEBO, Ancient Theatre, Plovdiv

The alternative rock band, founded in 1992 by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal, has released seven studio albums to date and sold a total of 11 million copies. This makes them one of the most successful British rock bands of the era. Their first album hit the record stores 20 years ago. For the anniversary, the band announced in 2015, they wanted to “embark on a two year period of celebratory retrospective activity”. The Bulgarian concert is part of that endeavour.

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